Sep 04

Volunteer as a Girl Geek Dinners Community Manager

Girl Geek Dinners is a volunteer run network that inspires and encourages women within and to join the IT community and IT industry.  We have a huge network and are looking for some people to join our team and look after the global Social Media channels.

What we’re looking for:

  • A passion for getting women into the IT sector
  • Experience of running social media channels where content is quicky shared on a global basis
  • An understanding of what makes technologists tick
  • The ability to dedicate time to monitor, track and interact with our community online on a daily basis
  • Communications will be in English Only on our Twitter account and in predomenantly English on our Facebook page although can link to local language contnet where appropriate as such a sound understanding of English would be an advantage.
  • If you are also a blogger that would be a bonus especially if you would be interested in blogging about recent research, events and competitions that our members may not have heard of but could benefit from.

This is an unpaid role as we work solely through volunteering.  If we could we would – So if you are looking at this but aren’t able to fulfil this role and would like to see this become a paid role then please donate by using the button in the side bar!

Interested? Drop your CV to jobs at girlgeekdinners dot com.

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