Sep 11

Assembly Technician | SparkFun Electronics

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

Circuit Board Production

Handling all stages of the build process and becoming proficient in the following skills:

  • Basic Sparkle knowledge
  • SMD population and reflow oven use
  • Use of parts washer and board depaneler
  • Basic PTH soldering work
  • Testing with a variety of different CPU programs
  • Basic rework/trouble shooting
  • Board inspection/quality control
  • Tracking build/batch quantities
  • Packaging boards at least one day a week.

General Production Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Keeping work station, inventory and all of production clean and organized

Additional Duties

  • Checking e-mail daily
  • Following opening and closeout procedures


No prior assembly experience is necessary. Will train the right person(s). However, basic knowledge of soldering and electronics is a PLUS. Ability to multi-task and be FLEXIBLE is a MUST. This is a fast paced and dynamic environment, offering first hand experience in small electronics assembly.

If interested go to SparkFun.com and apply.

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